Frequently Asked Questions

Wait, where are you??

Anecdote is on the corner of 8th Ave. and N. Sherman St. in Cap Hill on the first floor of the MOTO Apartments Building (you can't get to it from the apartment part, though).  Enter via the doors right on the very corner that lead into a glass vestibule -- you'll see decals on the doors.  There's also a side entrance if you're walking down 8th, but it's a little less obvious.  Don't get confused by the numbers on the building -- they are switched, so even though our official address is 820 N. Sherman St., it looks like it says 800 closer to our door!

Then where should I park?

There's street parking on Sherman, parallel streets, and 9th and 10th Ave.  Some are 2 hours free, further up there's some unrestricted, and the closest meters are 5-hour; street parking is free past 6pm and on weekends.  We highly encourage walking, biking, bussing, or carsharing, though, especially if you'll be drinking at the bar!

It says you're a bakery, but I don't see a lot of whole desserts for sale every day -- can I order one?

While we are still getting established and figuring out how to best meet staffing needs, Anecdote sells more desserts via special order than on a daily basis.  Our pastry chef can make you almost anything if ordered ahead of time (preferrably 48hrs or more); she can even do designer wedding cakes!  Please send an e-mail to to discuss an order.  A regular order form is in the works!

But I need a dessert for a thing I'm going to TONIGHT -- is there anything I can get in time?

With super short notice, we can't promise we can make you something to order from scratch since we only have one pastry chef and most production happens at night, but you're welcome to ask and we'll let you know if there are options (usually we can do a pie).  Your better bet will always be to call ahead if you want something specific!

Can you accommodate dietary restrictions?

We do our best to accommodate dietary restrictions, but we cannot guarantee a 100% allergen-free experience.  Our kitchen processes flour, grains, nuts, eggs, dairy, sometimes seafood, meats, fruits, and vegetables of various kinds.  We follow procedures to be as careful as possible, but we're unfortunately too small an operation to have a completely separate space for a dedicated allergen-free environment.  We also try to have at least a few vegetarian, vegan, and paleo options, but they can fluctuate based on demand.  If you'd like something in any of these categories, please let us know ahead of time and we'd be happy to make you something!

Can I rent out the whole cafe for a private event?  How does that pricing work?

Yes!  Anecdote can be rented out for a minimum of two hours and rent can be optionally met by food, drink, and/or programming orders.  The rates differ based on the day of the week and time of day -- please e-mail us for more info.  We're happy to design a custom food and beverage package for you as well. *

Additionally, our connected studio space -- the Annex -- can be rented out by the hour, half day, or full day, or for a percentage of sales.  When we're able to support it, we hope to start a program that will benefit not-for-profit partners as well.

Do I need a reservation? * 

Anecdote runs cafe-style and is not a full-service restaurant.  While we serve sandwiches, salads, (soup and bar menu coming soon), and pastries, everything is ordered from the counter or the bar.  That being said, if you're coming with a larger party, you're encouraged to call or e-mail us ahead of time so we can prepare for your group and set aside an area if desired.  We're happy to host Meetups, meetings, book clubs, and other social gatherings as long as you're customers and not negatively affecting other customers; we'll even add your event to our calendar if it's open to everyone.  If your party is 35 people or more, you'll have to rent out the space.

Do you have free wifi and outlets? *
Yes, we're happy to provide free wifi (the fastest available to us) and outlet access to our customers, the latter on a first-come, first serve basis (there are about 25 -- please ask us if you can't find one!).  While we love to see you working and don't impose time limits, we just ask that you please support us as we support you and that you be considerate of others.  We want everyone to feel welcome and comfortable!
Any more questions?  Feel free to ask us in person, fill out the contact form, call, or e-mail us!  If it becomes a FAQ, we'll add it here!
*this info. may have changed or added qualifiers during the pandemic