Past Featured Artists of The Month


February '20

Lauren Jimenez, mixed media


Enter the alien world of Siduri and check out its color-shifting textural landscapes and colorful graphics.  


October '19

Tess Willoughby, watercolor

Alter Ego

Self-taught water color painter highlights popular icons and cult classic favorites.


July '19

Violet Warner, letterpress cards

Violet Press

This year, they opened their brick and mortar in the Prospect neighborhood of Longmont, Colorado.  You can stop by to visit with them, take a look at their presses, letterpress paper goods, their wedding invitation collection, or discuss a project. 

TONIGHT 7-9pm!  April Gallery Show_ Comm


multiple, various media

Communal Art Collage

Everyone was invited to contribute work throughout the month of April! Check out our database of featured April Artists. Look out for more communal art shows in the future.


January '20

Nancy Bratton, photography


Spaces features architectural photographs as Nancy focuses on capturing simplicity, balance, and the human relationship to spaces.


September '19

Tracy Schifeling, pattern making

Pattern Studies

"Inspired by flowers, colors, and geometry, ‘Pattern Studies’ explores the interaction between structure and softness, precision and gesture, order and surprise."


June '19

Heidi West, painting

Ebb & Flow

"My work is about environmentalism.  I do not mean environmentalism in terms of natural resources or conservation, but in terms of the emotional, cognitive, and developmental relationships between self and surroundings. We place our unique mark on the spaces we inhabit and they in turn place their mark on us."

Screen Shot 2019-04-02 at 6.56.53 PM.png


merne judson iii, photographer

Tiny Bad Photographs of 

Big Bad Cities

Artist Statement:

"I take photographs. I hope you enjoy."

Explore:; @mernejudsonthethird


Nov & Dec '19

Sarah Starling, encaustic painting

180 Degrees: Encaustic Landscapes

"180 Degrees is a collection of two distinct series, representing a shift from bold colorful landscapes to a more muted, decaying scene.  180 degrees is also the approximate working temperature of encaustic paint, a beeswax and resin medium tinted with pigments."


August '19

Jack Suva-Urwin, drawing

Variations on Lines

"Variations on Lines is a collection of works drawn with a focus on form, improvisation, and trying to avoid drawing the things I see or know."


May '19

Tabitha Abbott, painting, drawing

Role Strain

A collection of pieces with re-occurring themes of pattern and the individual, it addresses the emotional experience of living in the modern world without letting the fantasy of your dreams and aspirations go.