Past Featured Artist of The Month

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Tiny Bad Photographs of Big Bad Cities 
by merne judson iii




March 2019

Artist: merne judson iii, photographer

Exhibit: Tiny Bad Photographs of Big Bad Cities

Artist Statement: "I take photographs. I hope you enjoy."

Explore:; @mernejudsonthethird

We do gallery receptions differently at Anecdote, so forget the notion of a stereotypically stuffy scene and join us for our debut reception experience featuring the photographic works of merne judson the third. merne will be guest-artist-bartending spur-of-the-moment creations to pair with his photography that's featured on our gallery wall for the month of March (and let's just say that merne can think pretty out-of-the-box when it comes to the concept of 'drink' . . . or 'bartending' -- this is for those with an appreciation for the zany and spontaneous, or Anecdote's craft cocktail bar will be open if you'd prefer). An optional pairing can be purchased on-the-spot for $30 and will include an archival print order of your choice, an artist's choice drink ticket, and the chance to experience the quirky whims and witticisms of your artist, merne judson the third. Prints ($25) and drink tickets ($5) will also be available separately, so come check out the installation and don't miss your chance to hang out with merne! We quite enjoy him AND his work~