Featured Artist of The Month


180 Degrees
Encaustic Landscapes
by Sarah Starling






"Throughout my life, I’ve appreciated the outdoors, and have painted the outdoors for many years.  My current work reflects an abstracted version of landscape - some inspired by this beautiful state and some imagined.  180 Degrees is a collection of two distinct series, representing a shift from bold colorful landscapes to a more muted, decaying scene.  180 degrees is also the approximate working temperature of encaustic paint, a beeswax and resin medium tinted with pigments. Transparent layers of encaustic paint are built up to create bold, intense colors and textures that mimic natural elements.  The process of creating art is just as important as the final outcome, and using this medium allows me to embrace chance and change."


Instagram: @sarahstarlingart

What is Anecdote's Artist of the Month Program???



We feature a different local artist each month who can display his/her work on our gallery wall and sell pieces out of our space, but the thing we're really trying to do differently is the 'Gallery Reception.'  We want to break the mold of the awkward milling about over a droll wine and cheese platter and do something that uniquely/very specifically highlights our artist and the exhibit.  To launch the series in March, we showcased the photographic work of merne judson the third and his particular sense of humor by having him guest bartend and make up 'drink' pairings to go with his prints on-the-spot.  His exhibit was titled "Tiny Bad Photographs of Big Bad Cities" and the gallery reception was packed and tons of fun!


In all cases, the idea is to offer the artist a creative context within which to connect to the "audience," break down the sometimes-barrier of a compartmentalized artist-patron dynamic, and invite people to come and actively interact with the artist and his or her installation.  At Anecdote, our goal in supporting Creatives not only includes encouraging everyone in their projects, but also finding a broader audience to appreciate them and feel welcome to participate and take part in a scene that can sometimes feel intimidating, exclusive, or esoteric.  For most all of our hosted events, we will work in time to connect with the artist/performer/musicians/speaker/guests in some way outside the main 'program' to emphasize that community spirit, from "family meal" with the speakers prior to a storytelling event to cooking demos with the stand-up comedians to, well, an artist-curated drink experience for a gallery reception.